Partners in Rhyme:
The Wav Files:

Thug – TiCal - Kingpin/Polycount
Binky – Roger Bacon - Polycount (edited)
A few gun models from Polycount:
Jack 'Gauss' Monahan
Balou & Redlemons

Special Thanks:
Akiko Tanaka - (The real one) For encouragement and suggestions
Pearl Woon-Tai – For the countless critiques and just being there
Eric Hultgren – For helping us learn control theory so we could make a cool smooth camera.

NEHE – Jeff Molofee’s OpenGL tutorials. For our first OpenGL program, this site was a godsend. Everything you need to know to write a game!

MilkShape - Chumbalum Soft – A truly astounding program at an incredibly low price. We were able to quickly model and do animations. Just wonderful!

Brett Porter - Gamedev – For making a wonderful Model Loader/Frame Interpolator for MilkShape in VC++. We don’t know how we would have implemented the animations without this guy!

Trent Polack – Gamedev (As modified by Christian Ofenberg) – Lots of great tutorials on games (NEHE). We used the basis for the particle engine, including a Math library. This greatly cleaned up our code by allowing operations on vectors and matrices.

3DWin – 3d File Converter – Lets you convert all sorts of model files to other model files. If Milkshape can’t do it…this program can.

Jason Brooks - For the wonderful tutorial and sample code on joysticks.

A big thank you to the various music artists who made this game possible:
The Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack - Tank!
Southern All Stars - G*Spot
George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag
Huey Lewis and the News - Power of Love

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