It is the year 2055. Reality shows have created unthinkable revenues. The entertainment moguls have succeeded in lobbying and manipulating the government into allowing more and more graphic and violent television. They give the word “Survivor” a whole new meaning.

BIKERS is the hottest new show put on by RIP-TV! With billions of dollars invested, the company has purchased numerous downtown locations. While each metropolis continues to function in the day, at night it becomes an unrestrained WAR ZONE. Using Gen-X cloning technology, RIP-TV produces dozens of cloned warriors who flood the downtown arena. A volunteer contestant must then survive for five minutes within the zone. The twist to BIKERS is that all participants must ride motorcycles throughout the duration of combat. Aerial cameras track them to give the audience a spectacular view of speed, brutality and destruction.

IF they survive, contestants are entitled to MILLIONS $$ in prizes. The more clones they kill during the show, the more they earn. If the contestants can entertain the audience further by speed and trick jumps, their earnings only increase. Losing, however, means only one thing: DEATH.

Who are these men and women willing to risk their lives for the glory of televised combat? These are the strongest and most skillful fighters and motorcycle-riders of the twenty-first century – the Gladiators of the modern age - BIKERS!


STELLA (Akiko) – Do not be fooled by her looks. This gorgeous young woman is a natural born killer. Though little is known of her past, rumor has it that her given name is Akiko Tanaka. She was raised in Neo-Tokyo and was part of the underground clans. It is entirely unknown how STELLA left the Eastern Sphere. It is a fact, however, that STELLA remains undefeated in all forms of tournament. A returning champion to the BIKERS arena, she has already captivated billions of fans. Is she in it for fame – fortune? You decide as you join her! Protected by invisible armor, her fate is in your hands.

ROCK (XGQ-604 Series) – The latest and most developed bio-killing machine in the XGQ series by the Gen-X Corporation. Rock may look human, but in his mind he knows of only two things: riding and killing. There is no compassion for these merciless monsters. The arena contains only the contestant and dozens of Rock clones. As time goes on, more clones are sent in for combat. Though dimwitted and armed only with shotguns, the sheer number of these monsters proves to be a challenge.

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