CS 3630: IPR - Introduction to Perception and Robotics
TR 1:35-2:55, CCB 53      Spring 2010

Instructor: Mike Stilman

Office hours: By email or appointment
Good place/time: CCB 254 Thursday 12:00 - 1:00.

TA: Neil Dantam

Office hours:
By email or appointment.

For Discussion, Group Building and Collaboration on Projects: Course Wiki
We discuss the building blocks of intelligent robotics. The goal of the class is to combine perception with automated reasoning and control to achieve robot motion and goal driven behavior. Students will learn basic methods in perception, estimation, planning and control. They will implement these methods on robot platforms through stages of development. The course will culminate with projects and competitions.
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This course will be evaluated based on three group projects, one final project and a final.

2 Group Projects (25% Each)
Final (20%)
Final Project (30%)

Final projects will be in the form of competitions between groups. While winning is not required, a clear effort must be demonstrated to achieve the goal. A brief report will explain the strategies / methods applied to increase the robot's performance in the task.