Mike Stilman Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Robotics and Intelligent Machines
School of Interactive Computing
Georgia Tech
801 Atlantic Drive
Atlanta, GA 30332


Humanoid Robotics: Robots that look, think and act in a way that we perceive as human or intelligent. Dexterous, mobile robots that resemble human beings are a reality. In my research, I strive to develop algorithms for planning and control that would enable these robots to autonomously perform human tasks.

Human tasks, from everyday housekeeping to complex search and rescue, almost always require significant interaction with the environment. Pushing objects out of the way, using tools and supports are all examples of the immense possibilities for environment contact. Humans not only excercise such contact routinely, but do so intuitively - often subconsciously. I believe that choosing meaningful contacts and performing useful manipulation that is unspecified in a robot's task would not only expand the skillset of current robots, but also demonstrate progress towards Artificial Intelligence in the physical world.

In contrast to humans, robots have no intuition. At least not yet. Real-world settings could contain hundreds of objects, not to mention the unlimited possibilities for support. How would the robot decide which environment interactions are useful? How would it plan to perform the interactions with guarantees of safety and stability? What would it do if something went wrong? These are the questions I address in my research.

GOLEMS.ORG - Humanoid Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech

In 2008, I moved to the Georgia Institute of Technology and started the Humanoid Robotics Lab also known as Golems.org. Our goal is to design robot brains or algorithms that are capable of the same level of dexterity, intelligent planning and interaction as human brains. To demonstrate the effectiveness of our solutions, we are building humanoid robots that will have both human-level physical capabilities and human-level intelligent reasoning.

The lab web page keeps track of all our current research.
[Golems Projects] - Starting point for videos and summaries from our ongoing and completed research projects.
[Golems Publications] - PDF files and references for our publications in conferences and journals.