Collage Demo Application

IMPORTANT: The Collage demo is currently broken because Flickr changed the layout of their Web site. You are free to download the demo, but you won’t be able to retrieve content from Flickr.

We have released a small application that downloads BBC news articles stored inside photos on Flickr. This is meant to demonstrate the feasibility of Collage.

A screenshot of the Collage demo downloading news from Flickr.

A screenshot of the Collage demo downloading news from Flickr.

Installation on Windows

We have created a self-contained installation of the demo for Windows. To use it:

Important: A console window will launch alongside the demo. Closing this window will cause the demo to exit.

Installation on Ubuntu

This is the easiest option. To install the demo, just download the installation script and run it. You can paste the following directly into a terminal window to begin installation:

chmod +x;

Follow the instructions given by the installer. Installation should take about 5 minutes.

Manual Installation (Unsupported)

On other systems, you must manually download packages from these Web sites:

You’ll also need to download and install a patched version of Selenium. Just install it like any other Python package:

tar -zxvf selenium-2.0-dev-collage.tar.gz
cd selenium-2.0-dev-9341
python build
sudo python install

After all these prerequisites are installed, you can download the demo. It builds just like most Python packages:

python build && sudo python install

On Mac OS X Snow Leopard, you might need to run the following command to force 32-bit mode:

defaults write Prefer-32-Bit -bool yes

After installing the client, run it by executing: