Karsten Schwan

Regents' Professor
CERCS Director
Systems Research Group
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology

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Prof. Karsten Schwan directs the Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems (CERCS) at Georgia Tech. He is also a professor in the Systems Research Group of the College of Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology. His group conducts experimental research targeting high performance, real-time, and ubiquitous applications. Research topics include dynamic program adaptation; online program monitoring, tuning, and steering; task and message scheduling; basic mechanisms and policies for quality management in operating and communication systems; middleware; and software tools. This research is conducted on parallel, distributed, and embedded system platforms, in laboratories shared with end users and hardware developers.

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Research scientists

GT Ph.D. alumni

GT M.S. alumni

  • Srihari Govindharaj - now at Intercontinental Exchange.
  • Jasmina Jancic - now at EMC.
  • Mahendra Kutare
  • Radhika Niranjan (jointly with Ada Gavrilovska) - now at UC San Diego.
  • Parley Van Oleson - now at Cisco Systems.
  • Hailemelekot Seifu - now at Radisys.
  • Bhumik Sanghavi (jointly with Matt Wolf).
  • Leo Singleton - now at Citrix Systems.
  • Srikanth Sundaragopalan - now at Microsoft.


Contact information

Karsten Schwan
College of Computing, Georgia Tech
266 Ferst Dr., Atlanta GA 30332-0765
Office: Georgia Tech, KACB - Rm. 3338
Phone: (404) 894-2589
Fax: (404) 385-2295