Course Work

Completed Graduate Courses

At Georgia Tech:

CS 6241 Compiler Design
ISyE 8900 Agent-Based Organizational Simulation
ISyE 6739 Statistical Methods
CS 6390 Programming Language Design
CS 7641 Machine Learning (PCA Primer)
CS 8002 Human-Centered Computing Seminar
CS 8903 Independent Study (Knowledge-Driven Text Analysis)
MATH 4305 Linear Algebra
CS 6452 Prototyping Interactive Systems - Presentation (PDF)
ISyE 6795 Introduction to Cognitive Science
CS 8001 HCC Seminar
CS 6451 Introduction to Human-Centered Computing
CS 7613 Knowledge Systems Engineering
CS 7001 Introduction to Graduate Studies
CS 8803 Natural Language Understanding
CS 6505 Computability and Algorithms
CS 6601 Artificial Intelligence

At Southern Polytechnic State University:

CS 6593 Neural Computation
CS 6153 Advanced Database Systems
CS 6163 Information Retrieval and Search Engines
CS 6703 Elements of Functional Programming
CS 6023 Research Methods in Computer Science
SWE 6623 Software Engineering I
CS 6223 Advanced Computer System Architecture
CS 6413 Theory of Computation
CS 6123 Programming Language Concepts