Game AI, Summer 2013:
Project 4. Capstone

Due: 7/28/13 at 11:55pm

This project is designed to allow students to delve deeper into Game AI development by designing a game that has AI as a core aesthetic component (e.g. Nero, Spy Party, Black and White, etc.). Being creative about how to employ AI in games so that it is not simply used to provide intelligent opponents but becomes an intrinsic part of the game mechanics is a difficult task. For example, designers like Ken Stanley and Peter Molyneux have been leaders in the field of taking risks and incorporating real time machine learning into gameplay. Even more importantly, the ML techniques used are core to the experience their games provide. Your task is to design (or extend) a game such that AI is incorporated as a key element in the gaming experience.

This is an opportunity to take risks, to try new things, and approach game design in a fundamentally different way. This will be a joint effort executed by you and your teammates. Implementation can be done in any platform in any language as long as (a) the source code can be turned in to us and (b) we can access the hardware needed to run it. I encourage all groups to shoot for projects that focus on interesting user interactions and experiences that are created by the AI and game interactions rather than focusing on being flashy, 3D visuals, 5.1 surround sound, mega-tastic networked FPS, etc. etc. games. Scoping your work is heavily important here.

Flash (e.g. tutorial), Unity, and Processing have been common environments in the past.

You will be given until the final exam period on July 29. Note that for grading, I expect thorough documentation of both the evolution of your design as well as technical decisions, so keep good notes as you go along. The following are the weekly (but strongly) suggested milestones:


Some game ideas:


Include a .doc or .txt file that describes the following:


Submit via T-Square everything needed to run your game, and your writeup.


This project is worth 40% of your final grade, and be graded along the final criteria: