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Workshop on Case-based Agents

September 29, 2014


Agents are autonomous, heterogeneous, persistent, computing entities that interact with the environment through sensing, effecting, and communicating. Situated agents must not only cope with limited computational resources, but also plan and act with incomplete models of an environment that is dynamic, partially-observable, and non-deterministic. Case-based reasoning (CBR) emphasizes reasoning effectively in complex situations using imperfect knowledge of the world by leveraging past experiences and learning from history. There exists a natural synergy between these two disciplines (i.e., agents and CBR). Both have witnessed tremendous progress in the recent past, but there have been few dedicated meetings on their intersection. The objective of this workshop is to engender cross-fertilization of ideas between these two topics and highlight recent advances that are of mutual interest. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


This workshop will be held on 29 September 2014 as part of the ICCBR 2014 workshop series in Cork, Ireland. This workshop is open to all interested conference participants, but may be limited by available room facilities. We plan to invite some senior members of the CBR community to discuss their work on this topic. We also welcome long (up to 10 pages) and short (up to 5 pages) submissions. (We specifically encourage short submissions, between 2-5 pages, on demonstrations.) The Organizing Committee will select a subset of the submitted papers for oral presentation and, possibly, poster presentation. In addition, we will arrange a panel that addresses popular interests among the participants. Time for discussion sessions devoted to specific topics of interest will also be reserved, as will time for brief demonstrations. Please contact Co-chair Swaroop Vattam with any specific questions.


Paper submissions should be formatted according to the ICCBR Conference instructions, but with a maximum of 10 pages in length. Shorter submissions (max 5 pages) are also welcome, such as to describe more preliminary work or demonstrations. Papers will be reviewed by qualified reviewers drawn from our Workshop PC. To submit a paper, please send a PDF version of your paper to both chairs at "" and "" with the title "CBA Workshop Submission". We also welcome attendance of those who do not wish to submit a paper.

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