CS8001 - Information Security Seminar

Instructor: Prof. Patrick Traynor (my_last_name 'at' cc.gatech.edu)
Location: Klaus 1116 E or CCB 102 (Check Schedule)
Meeting Times: F 12:00-1:00 PM
Credits: 1
Prerequisites: None


The Information Security Seminar is designed to give students a broad view of topics in information security through a series of invited speakers, practice talks and instructional videos.

A detailed list of events (subject to change and "opportunities" as the semester evolves) is available on the course schedule.


Students will be evaluated based on solely on attendance. Students must attend 11 or more seminars beginning January 13th. Anyone interested in Information Security is encouraged to attend and sign up for the course!

Mailing List

We will send weekly announcements with details of the next presentation to the security-seminar mailing list. Please add yourself to the mailing list if you are interested in our seminar series. [Subscribe]

Academic Integrity Policy

Students are required to follow the university guidelines on academic conduct at all times. Students failing to meet these standards will be reported to the Office of Student Integrity, which can result in the student receiving an 'F' for the semester. Note that students are explicitly forbidden from signing in for non-attending students.