My research focuses on cellular and telecommunications network security, critical infrastructure protection, systems challenges for applied cryptography, wireless networks and the securing the Internet. More information on my work in these areas can be found at the following locations:

My major research thrusts are:

Mobile Network and Device Security

The recent and rapid expansion of cellular capabilities has created tremendous opportunities for new applications and services. From mobile banking and location-based services to the real-time streaming of music and video, cellular networks and advanced mobile devices now provide advanced voice and data services to more than 4.5 billion subscribers around the world. When compared to the approximately one billion users who access the Internet each day through traditional means, cellular networks represent the only communication system available to a significant portion of the world's population and the next significant expansion in high-speed Internet connectivity. This research seeks to formally and experimentally investigate vulnerabilities and defensive infrastructure addressing vulnerabilities in open cellular operating systems and telecommunications networks. This includes the development of infrastructure for the analysis, configuration, and enforcement of security in mobile phones and the networks on which they reside.

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Telephony Provenance and Authentication

The recent and vast diversification of telephony infrastructure eliminates much of the integrity associated with traditional authentication mechanisms (e.g., Caller-ID). Specifically, the loss of centralized control and the increasing access to hardware and software capable of interacting with such networks allows asserted but not verifiable call metadata to be forged by virtually any desktop computer capable of initiating phone calls. This research focuses on improving both the quality and performance of telephony authentication and provenance infrastructure, allowing researchers to understand not only where calls come from, but also the paths they traverse between source and destination.

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Applied Cryptography and Privacy

Emerging cryptographic primitives offer the potential to serve as the foundation for a range of provably secure systems. Unfortunately, few of these emerging primitives ever become more than theoretical curiosities, and those that do generally are not performant. This research focuses on the systems issues associated with applied cryptography and privacy and seeks to make systems built on sound first-principles possible. Our work specifically investigates topics in areas including attribute-based encryption, secure function evaluation and homomorphic encryption for a range of applications including satellite radio, social networking, anonymous shopping and private communications.

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Systems Security

The exploitation of vulnerabilities in software systems is commonplace. Such incidents are responsible for billions of dollars and millions of hours of lost productivity annual. This research focuses on how systems are designed, constructed and broken in the hopes of developing both robust defenses and abstractions for the creation of fundamentally more resilient computing systems.

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Student Advising

I am currently looking for strong students with an interest in network security. Students should have a strong technical background, be comfortable with systems work and be dedicated to doing work of consequence.

If you are not a student at Georgia Tech and are interested in my research, please apply to the program.

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