Associate Professor of Interactive Computing
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology

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Tucker Balch
801 Atlantic Drive, Suite 317
Atlanta, Georgia 30332

CCB 317
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I'm available to advise graduate students in independant study projects relating to finance and machine learning, and tracking and analyzing multiple agent behavior.

For Fall 2014

bullish CS 7646: Machine Learning for Trading. In this course we learn about many of the technical challenges involved in running a machine learning-based proprietary trading operation. It will be a rather intensive coding experience. Learn more about this course.


  CS 3651: The Art of Prototyping Intelligent Appliances. We build artifacts with computers in them in this course. Learn more about this course.


bullish Computational Investing, Part I (via coursera) In this course I introduce students to the data and algorithms used by hedge funds, investment banks, and other sophisticated investors to manage their funds. It corresponds approximately to the first 1/2 of CS 7646. Learn more about this course.

Other Activities

Director of the Institute for Personal Robots in Education. We design robots, software and curricula for undergraduate CS education. We also develop assessment instruments to measure how well our designs work. This is joint work with Bryn Mawr College.

With Maria Hybinette, created ThinkAI, an intra-day stock price prediction algorithm that runs on thinkorswim's retail client platform. ThinkAI was specifically mentioned in the Barron's article annoucing thinkorswim was the #1 high-tech platform for trading in 2009. Does it work? Yes.

Quantitative analyst at Cerebellum Capital in 2009 on sabbatical. Cerebellum is one of a group of new hedge funds that use AI and Machine Learning techniques as a core technology for trading. Cerebellum was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal (pdf | web).

Vice President of the RoboCup Federation. My key responsibilities as VP are to help design and manage the financial operations of RoboCup, especially for the US branch, and to support the various IT needs for RoboCup, such as the website and email lists.

CEO of Georgia Robotics, a non-profit that manufactures and sells robots for education. So far we have delivered over 3,000 robots to students and schools. That's a record for robots for CS education.

Ants Managing Partner of Lucena Research, LLC, a fund management company.

I author a blog about quantitative finance.


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My wife Maria is a professor of computer science at UGA. Gunnar, Tucker and Emmy run around all over the place and study hard for school!

Photos of family by Maria Hybinette.

Before Georgia Tech

From 1998 to 2001 I was a research professor at the Robotics Institute of CMU. I worked with Professor Manuela Veloso on multi-agent robot teams. I lead the design and programming of the Hammerheads robot soccer team (left) with lots of help from Rosemary Emery, Ashley Stroupe, and Steve Stancliff. We investigated a number of interesting topics with these robots including collaborative localization, behavior-based pushing, and cooperation protocols. My time at CMU is remembered fondly and deeply valued! (photo credit: CMU)

I am honored to have been able to fly F-15s in the US Air Force and the Georgia Air National Guard. I trained in the T-37 and T-38 at Columbus AFB, then transitioned to F-15s at Luke AFB in Phoenix, AZ. I served between wars so I never flew in combat. I led a 2-ship formation over the College of Computing Building, then departed Atlanta nearly straight up in full afterburner. Many Atlantans were surprised that morning. (photo credit: web)


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