I'm a Computer Science PhD student at Georgia Tech studying software engineering. In addition to studying software engineering, I have worked and interned at various organizations including Microsoft Research and GTRI. I'm advised by Spencer Rugaber , but also honored to work with lots of folks.

Contact: chris.parnin@gatech.edu


I study the empirical, hci, and cognitive neuroscience aspects of software development. I look at how software development occurs in practice and how certain tools help or hinder this process.

I have studied refactoring, fault localization, interruptions, language adoption, blogging, and code visualization.

I have used electrodes, instrumentation, interviews, data mining, surveys, and controlled experiments in the process.

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Visit my Blog, where I write up details on tools and studies.

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  • "A Programmers Brain on Code: The Neuroscience of Programming"
  • "Understanding Understanding Source Code with Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging" accepted at ICSE'14!
  • Software Engineering: The Next 50 Years (Ian Sommerville's response)

  • 2013