Santosh S. Vempala

College of Computing, ISYE, Math
Frederick P. Storey II chair
Vision Aid, ARC

A random call for papers

Teaching (Fall 2016):
Machine Learning Theory
Computation and the Brain

Family (in r.c.o.) Pablo, Sofia, Rosa, Naresh, Mom and Dad.

Research areas Algorithms, Geometry, Randomness. (C.V.)

C4G Projects LifeNet, C4G BLIS, Shelter-to-Home, BSIS/Vein-to-Vein, O.P.E.A.C.E.

Publications View all papers or by topic; STOC/SoCG 2016 keynote, STOC 2015 tutorial, and a package for high-dimensional sampling and integration.

Advisees Current: Ben Cousins, Samantha Petti, Samira Samadi Postdocs

Courses View course pages

Editor Theory of Computing (a free, electronic journal)

UROC Models for Categorization; Password Games