Faculty and Staff

Alexandra (Sasha) Boldyreva , Assistant Professor, Ph.D. University of California, San Diego
aboldyre@cc.gtatech.edu, CCB 254, 404-385-6753
Cryptography, Information Security

Amy S. Bruckman
, Associate Professor, Ph.D., MIT
asb@cc.gatech.edu TSRB 338, 404-894-9222
Virtual Communities; Technology and Education

Rebecca (Beki) Grinter
, Associate Professor , Ph.D., University of California, Irvine
beki@cc.gatech.edu, TSRB 335, 404-385-6782
Human-Computer Interaction

Concettina Guerra, Professor, Dr. Math., U. of Naples, Italy
Computational Biology, Computer Vision

Mary Jean Harrold
, NSF ADVANCE Professor of Computing & Professor, Ph.D., U. of Pittsburgh
harrold@cc.gatech.edu, CRB 251, 404-385-0612
Software Engineering

Janet Kolodner
, Professor, Ph.D., Yale
janet.kolodner@cc.gatech.edu, 404 894-3285
Educational Technology

Ling Liu
, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Tilburg University
lingliu@cc.gatech.edu, CCB 221, 404-385-1139
Database Systems, Internet Computing, System Support for Wide-area
applications, Workflow and Extended Transaction Systems

Milena Mihail
, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Harvard
mihail@cc.gatech.edu, CCB 238, 404-385-0617
Theory of Algorithms, Applied Probability, Large Scale Networks,
Large Scale Data

Beth Mynatt
, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Georgia Tech
mynatt@cc.gatech.edu, TSRB 332, 404-894-7243
Everyday and Ubiquitous Computing, HCI, Audio Interfaces, and Augmented Reality

Nancy Nersessian , Professor, Ph.D., Case Western Reserve
Joint Appt. with School of Public Policy
nancyn@cc.gatech.edu, CRB 229B, 404-894-1232
Philosophy and History of Science, Conceptual change, Creativity, Learning

Haesun Park
, Professor, Ph.D., Cornell University

Dana Randall
, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Berkeley
randall@cc.gatech.edu, CCB 239, 404-894-3156

Ellen Zegura
, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs
Ph.D., Washington U. (St. Louis)
ewz@cc.gatech.edu, GCATT 216, 404-894-1403
Wide-area Networking Support for Complex Applications

Other Women in Computing in CoC:

Giselle F. Martin
, Director, CC Office of Diversity and Community (Student Services) and Co-Advisor
gmartin@cc.gatech.edu, 404-385-0276

Maureen Biggers
, Director, College of Computing Diversity Lab and Co-Advisor
maureen@cc.gatech.edu, 404-894-3181

Pamela Buffington , Research Scientist I
pam@cc.gatech.edu, CCB 136, 404-894-4796

Karen Carter
, Research Scientist I
karenb@cc.gatech.edu, CCB 136, 404-894-9301

Elizabeth Charles
, Research Technologist II
echarles@cc.gatech.edu, CRB 279 A, 404-385-0159

Victoria Deneroff
, Academic Professional
victoria.deneroff@cc.gatech.edu, 404-385-0159

Agapi Emmanouilidou
, Research Scientist II

Barbara Ericson
, Director, CS Outreach

Barbara Fasse
, Research Scientist II
bfasse@cc.gatech.edu, CRB 297A, 404-385-0158

Ada Gavrilovska
, Research Scientist II
ag117@mail.gatech.edu, 404-894-0387

Hyunsoo Kim
, Postdoctoral Fellow

Juliana Lancaster
, Senior Research Associate
jsl@cc.gatech.edu, CRB 279, 404-385-0159

Melody Moore
, Adjunct Professor

Jeanette Myers
, Research Scientist II
jm586@mail.gatech.edu, 404-894-4736

Monica Sweat
, Lecturer
sweat@cc.gatech.edu, CCB 12

Edyta Szymanska
, Lecturer