Yeongjin Jang


Ph.D. Student
Advisor(s): Prof. Wenke Lee and Prof. Taesoo Kim
GTISC / Systems Software and Security Lab

I am graduating and on the academic job market
for the positions starting in Fall 2017.

CV Research Statement Teaching Statement

Please feel free to take a look at those files and contact me if you are interested.

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Yeongjin Jang is a doctoral student at Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC).
His research focuses on operating systems and mobile security,
especially securing input/output (I/O) on the operating systems
and identifying/analyzing emerging threats.

He has published 14 papers in top-tier academic and industry conferences
that include ACM CCS, USENIX Security, ISOC NDSS, and Black Hat USA.

In addition to the academic works, he regularly participates capture-the-flag (CTF) contests.
He received the Black Badge from DEF CON, as the winner (team DEFKOR) of DEF CON 23 CTF (2015).

Prior to joining to Georgia Tech,
he received his bachelor's degree in computer science from KAIST (2010),
and earned master's degree in computer science from Georgia Tech (2016).


  • [02/12/2017] The Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure of DrK is recognized by Microsoft.
  • [12/03/2016] DrK has been used by IOActive to bypass KASLR to avoid the mitigation on CVE-2016-7255
  • [11/11/2016] APISan is nominated as the top 10 research papers by CSAW16
  • [10/23/2016] DrK is on LWN and Hacker News!
  • [10/12/2016] I am counted as 141st researcher, and top among the Ph.D. students with 9 papers in top 4 security conferences (Oakland, CCS, USENIX Security, and NDSS, for recent 17 yrs).
  • [09/26/2016] I got 4.74 pts on Black Hat USA 2016 Speaker Evaluation (avg. 4.02). Thank you all for attending to my talk!
  • [08/07/2016] DEFKOR was on the 3rd place in the DEFCON 24 CTF.
  • [08/04/2016] CRSPY of Disekt was on the Cyber Grand Challenge.
  • [07/22/2016] DrK is accepted to ACM CCS 2016!
  • [06/22/2016] DrK is accepted to Black Hat USA 2016.