YeongJin Jang (blue9057)

Ph.D. Student (Advisor : Prof. Wenke Lee)
Graduate Research Assistant
Georgia Tech Information Security Center
School of Computer Science
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology

3110 Klaus Advanced Computing Building
Georgia Institute of Technology
266 Ferst Dr
Atlanta, Georgia, 30332-0765 U.S.A.
Office: 3110 Klaus Advanced Computing Building
Email : yeongjin.jang at gatech dot edu

Short Bio

YeongJin Jang is a 4th year Ph.D. Student, a graduate research assistant in the School of Computer Science, in the College of Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology.
He received his B.S. degree in Computer Science from KAIST in 2010.
My CV is at here.

Research Interest

My research interests are focused on system and network security.

I am participating Capture The Flag contest, a kind of hacking competition
I am(and was) a member of several CTF Teams disekt(2010~), Song of Freedom(2009~2010), and GoN(2004~2010)
I am open to exploring various interesting issues in general computer science.


  1. Gyrus: A Framework for User-Intent Monitoring of Text-based Networked Applications.
    Yeongjin Jang, Simon P. Chung, Bryan D. Payne, and Wenke Lee.
    In proceedings of The 21st Annual Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS), San Diego, CA, February 2014.
    [PDF] [Slides]
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  2. Mactans: Injecting Malware Into iOS Devices via Malicious Chargers.
    Billy Lau, Yeongjin Jang, Chengyu Song, Tielei Wang, Pak Ho Chung, and Paul Royal.
    BlackHat USA Briefings, Las Vegas, NV, August 2013.
    [PDF] [Slides]
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Professional Experience

Security Axioms, Inc (Chief Engineer) [May 2012 - Current]