''Roll over the images to see a high-res version!''\n<<rollover strip ../images/Atlanta/4D-strip.jpg ../images/Atlanta/4D-strip-big.jpg>>\n<<rollover four ../images/Kevin/4.jpg ../images/Kevin/4big.jpg>>\n<<rollover two ../images/Kevin/2.jpg ../images/Kevin/2big.jpg>>\n<<rollover one ../images/Kevin/1.jpg ../images/Kevin/1big.jpg>>\n\nUsers can navigate through space through mouse interation. Users also have access to buttons on the GUI and associated key and can choose the following actions: "next image", "previous image", "move back", "go up", "go right", etc. Between the different states the camera location and orientation is interpolated, leading to a smooth and impressive transition. "Next image" and "previous image" cycle through the images, going from a location in space to the exact camera location and orientation associated with the image. By clicking on "move back", the camera smoothly move back, revealing the associated image. The image can be visually matched with the 3D structure of buildings.
This project allows intuitive exploration through space of sets of photographs of different time. \nAll photographs are positioned in space. Important features of localization and orientation of images are thus revealed: for instance, images of a buildings are localized on a circle around this building. Temporal grouping of images also occurs, and close to popular historical landmarks for instance old black and white images will be grouped with contemporary ones.
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[img[Kevin Quennesson|../images/Students/KevinQuennesson.jpg][http://www.kevinquennesson.com]] [img[Grant Schindler|../images/Students/GrantSchindler.jpg][http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~phlosoft]]
/***\n|Name|PublicationPlugin|\n|Created by|[[Frank Dellaert|http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~dellaert/tiddly.html]]|\n|Location|http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~dellaert/tiddly.html#PublicationPlugin|\n|Version|1.0|\n!Description\nA simple plugin to format publication references. This macro takes the following (mandatory) arguments in order:\n*title: title of the publication\n*url: url to publication\n*authors: a comma separated list of author names or aliases defined using [[AliasPlugin|http://www.tiddlyforge.net/pytw/#AliasPlugin]]\n*citation: booktitle or journal or institution, will become a Tiddler link\n*year: publication year\nThe publication is then rendered using a link to the paper, with author aliases substituted (if defined), and the citation rendered as a Tiddler link.\n!Example\n{{{<<alias A1 First Author>>}}}<<alias A1 First Author>>\n{{{<<alias A2 "[[Linked Author|a2.html]]">>}}}<<alias A2 "[[Linked Author|a2.html]]">>\n{{{<<A1>>, <<A2>>}}}\n <<A1>>, <<A2>>\n\n{{{<<pub "My Paper's Title" URL "A1,A2" "Some Journal" 2005>>}}}\n <<pub "My Paper's Title" URL "A1,A2" "Some Journal" 2005>>\n\n{{{<<pub "My Other Paper" URL2 "A2" "Some Conference" 2003>>}}}\n <<pub "My Other Paper" URL2 "A2" "Some Conference" 2003>>\n\n!Code\n***/\n//{{{\nconfig.macros.pub = {};\n\nfunction adorn(author) {\n var alias = config.macros[author];\n if (alias) {return alias.name?alias.name:alias.text} else {return author}\n}\n\nconfig.macros.pub.handler= function(place,macroName,params) {\n var title = params[0];\n var url = params[1];\n var authors = params[2].split(",");\n var citation = params[3];\n var year = params[4];\n\n // expand author aliases\n var aliases = adorn(authors[0]);\n for (var i=1; i < authors.length; i++) {\n aliases = aliases + ", " + adorn(authors[i])\n }\n wikify("''[[" + title + "|" + url + "]]'', " + aliases + ", [[" + citation + "]], " + year, place);\n}\n\n//}}}\n
[[4D Cities|http://4d-cities.cc.gatech.edu]], Fall 2005
Images in 4D
.toolbar{padding: 0;}\n/* shift tiddler toolbar onto same line as tiddler title */\n.toolbar { float:right; display:inline; padding-bottom:0; }\n\n#tiddlerSummary img {display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto}
<<rollover intro ../images/Kevin/intro.jpg ../images/Kevin/1big.jpg>>\nThis project helps to visualize the locations where photographs have been taken from, by displaying the images on floating quads positioned and oriented as the cameras. Hence, the user is afforded an intuitive exploration through space of sets of photographs of different time.\n\nThis is part of the [[4D-Cities|http://www.cc.gatech.edu/4d-cities/dhtml/index.html]] project lead by [[Frank Dellaert|http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~dellaert]].