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Involvement, Innovation and Impact

The College of Computing is a global leader in real-world computing breakthroughs that drive social and scientific progress. Our undergraduate program is ranked #6 and our graduate program #7 in the country by US News and World Report. With our unconventional approach to education along with cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary research, we are expanding the boundaries of computing. Read more
Student working on electrical and wiring equipment

Undergraduate Programs

Our award-winning “Threads” curriculum lets you tailor your education to your interests.

Online Learning

We are a pioneer in effective, affordable online education and we are constantly expanding our offerings.
Professor writing on the whiteboard and students watching in the background
Researcher holding a robot in her hands

Research Centers

Our researchers work on cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary questions through research centers and initiatives.
Student wearing virtual reality headset

Graduate Programs

Join one of our top 10 programs to become an expert in your field and make a real-world difference.


Our five schools offer unique academic programs and conduct research in their areas of concentration.
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We foster an entrepreneurial mindset through a variety of programs, classes, lectures, and opportunities.