Second International Conference on
Generative Programming and Component Engineering (GPCE'03)

Poster Chair:
Jorn Bettin, SoftMetaWare, New Zealand

Important Dates


Posters at GPCE provide an excellent forum for authors to present their work in an informal and interactive setting. Posters are ideal for presenting speculative, late-breaking results or for giving an introduction to interesting, innovative work. They are intended to provide authors and interested participants with the ability to connect with each other and to engage in discussions about the work. Posters provide authors with a unique opportunity to make their work highly visible during the conference. Therefore, authors of other GPCE technical submissions are encouraged to also submit a poster about their work. Posters will be on display during the entire conference.

Successful posters are carefully designed to convey technical details. They should also have a strong visual impact that attracts the attention of attendees as they stroll past the displays, either during the interactive poster session or at other times during the conference. The goal is to develop a poster that encourages and facilitates small groups of individuals interested in a technical area to gather and interact. The interactive poster session is held early in the conference, to promote continued discussion among interested parties.
Submission Format

The poster itself or the preliminary graphic layout must be submitted as a PDF file. A Poster proposal consists of:

The preliminary graphic layout should consist of 1 to 3 pages that sketch the layout for an ?.?? meter (wide) by ?.?? meter (high) bulletin board. Please use 10 point or larger font in the preliminary layout, and 12 point or larger in the final poster, so that it is readable. Once you have submitted your proposal, you will receive confirmation by e-mail that your proposal has been received and is complete.

Please send poster proposals to the GPCE 2003 Posters Chair Jorn Bettin ( to arrive no later than August 10, 2003. For additional information, clarifications, questions, or special requirements, please also contact Jorn.
Submission Guidelines

Posters cover the same interest areas as the Technical Papers, Demonstrations, and Workshops, and provide an opportunity to present work in a highly visual and interactive format:

Suggestions for other key topic areas are also encouraged.

Poster authors are required to attend the scheduled interactive poster session, staying with their poster so that they can discuss their work with conference attendees. Some poster authors also post an informal schedule along with their poster, listing times when they plan to be available for discussion later on during the conference. Others leave sign-up sheets for interested viewers to obtain further information. All posters will have an associated "message board", on which viewers can post comments, ideas, and questions and on which poster authors will be able to post responses.

Posters are advertised in the Final Program, and authors' two-page extended abstracts will appear in the GPCE Conference CD, which will be distributed at to all GPCE'03 and NetObjectDays'03 attendees. Attendees will be able to learn more about individual posters before or after visiting the exhibit.

For More Information

For additional information, clarification, or questions please feel free to contact the Poster Chair, Jorn Bettin at