Student Registration Dates & Information

Student Registration Dates

Dates pertinent to Spring 2019 registration will be posted momentarily.


Thread restrictions, except for those on CS 3651, were lifted in April.

CS 3651 will remain thread restricted until further notice. 

Major restrictions except those listed below were lifted on April 23rd.

CS 1100 – Restricted to CS and CM. Major restrictions not removed.

CS 1301 - Restricted to APHY, BCHM, BIO, CHEM, CM, CMPE, CS, DMTH, EAS, EE,  MATH, MT, MTH, NEUR, PHYS, PSY, UCS. Major restrictions will be lifted by noon on August 17th. 

IE majors should take CS 1301 during spring semester.  Junior/Senior IE majors with extenuating circumstances can request permits beginning April 9th by emailing

CS 1315 - Restricted to ALIS, ARCH, BA, BC, BCHM, BIO, CHEM, ECON, EIA, GEML, HTS, IAML, ID, INTA, LMC, MGT, NEUR, PSY, PUBP, STC, UAC, UACA, UACB, UACI, UIAC, UCS. Major Restrictions Not Removed

CS 1371 - Freshmen FASET sections restricted to AE, BCHM, CE, CHE, CHEM, ENVE, MSE, MT, NEUR, and PTF.  Other applicable majors will be added back to the restrictions by noon on August 17th.

CS 1331 A05 and C01 are permit only for specific students.  If there are available seats, the permit requirement will be removed Thursday by noon. 

CS 1332- Restricted to CS and CM.  Major restrictions will be lifted by noon on August 17th.

CS 2200- Restricted to CS, CM, CMPE, and EE. Major restrictions will be lifted by noon on August 17th.

CS 2316 - Restricted to IE.  Major restrictions will be lifted by noon on August 17th.

CS 3311 & CS 3312 – Restricted to CS and CM.   Major restrictions not removed.  

CS 3750 SL- Available to Honors Program students only.  Permits issued by Honors Program.

CS 4001 – Restricted to CS and CM.  Major restrictions not removed. Class restricted to seniors. If seats available, class restriction may be lifted during Phase II.

CS 4001 HP – Available to Honors Program students only.  Permits issued by Honors Program.

CS 4400 – Class restricted to juniors, seniors, MS, and PhD students.  Class restriction not removed.


For classes restricted to Juniors and Seniors, students must be Juniors (60 credit hours) or Seniors (90 credit hours) at the time of registration.

Undergrads taking Grad Courses: For students interested in registering for a graduate level course, they must be a senior (90 hours completed), a 2.7 GPA, and permission from the instructor using this form . Permits for undergrads to register for grad courses will not be given until Phase II Registration.

Changing Major/Declaring CS Minor- Advisors are unable to meet with students interested in a change of major or declaring a minor during registration.  Please sign up for a meeting listed below.

Change of Major- Students interested in changing or declaring a secondary major in CS must attend a Change of Major meeting. Secondary Majors are only eligible after completing their primary major requirements and have applied to graduate.  Register online at .

Declaring a CS Minor- Applications for spring closed on March 1st.  The next opportunity to apply for a CoC minor will be in fall semester.  Minor information can be found at  


Graduate Registration Information



Fall 2018 Phase II Registration

In order to prevent the course hoarding behavior that causes many students not to be able to get into classes during Phase II, and creates great stress for students with later time tickets, we will be using the following procedure for registration:

All CS/CSE graduate courses will be PERMIT RESTRICTED until Friday, August 17.

NEW CoC graduate students will submit a survey to request the courses they want as part of New Student Orientation.  New PhD students can request up to TWO CS/CSE courses.  NEW MS students can request up to FOUR CS/CSE courses.  Those permits will be entered Wednesday, August 15 and Thursday, August 16.  Students should register as soon as their permits are entered. 

The Permit Restrictions will  be removed on Friday, August 17.

The Major Restrictions will be removed from most courses on Monday, August 20.  The major restrictions will NOT be removed from the following courses at all:  CSE 6001, CSE 6040, CS 6035, CS 6451, CS 6452, CS 6753, and CS 6755.

Phase II registration will end on August 24 at 4PM.

We know this is not ideal, but the hoarding behavior of some graduate students, and the unavoidable limitations of the registration system, make these measures necessary.

Returning students who missed the course survey submission deadline during Phase I will have to wait until the permit restrictions are removed during Phase II to register for courses.

Forms for various types of permits can be found here:

If you are a graduate student who wishes to take an undergraduate course, you should complete a request form and return it to the forms box in the advising waiting area of the College of Computing, first floor. The instructor of the course MUST approve. 

For 1000/2000 level courses, complete this form:

For 3000/4000 level courses, complete this form:

All permit forms (except MSCS Project forms) should be submitted to the forms box in the advising waiting area of the College of Computing, first floor. MSCS Project forms should be submitted to an MSCS advisor.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What do I do if a Course is CLOSED?

A:  Once the registration cap has been reached for a course, the course is full. In order to request a seat in a closed course, you must follow the instructions below.  We DO NOT accept requests for overrides.

Q: Can a professor help me get into the course?

A:  Please DO NOT email a professor to seek permission to enroll in his/her course, as professors have no control over this.

Q: What does this error message mean?

A:  If you try to register for a course and receive an error message, please refer to the link: for an explanation of what the message means.

Q: What if the class and the waitlist are both full?

A:  The only thing you can do in this situation is wait until something opens up.

Q: I want to add myself to the waitlist, but I am seeing a Course Closed message.  What do I do?

A:  To add yourself to a wait list, you must choose “Add by CRN”. You cannot add yourself to wait list by using “Look Up Classes”

Q: I need some more information about Waitlisting.


Q: I am not a CoC major, but I want permission to take a class.  How do I do that?

A:  See above for information about when major restrictions will be removed.

Q: I am a graduate student.  Can I take the undergraduate version of a course that is cross-listed with both undergrad and grad sections?

A:  If you are a grad student, you should take the grad section of a cross-listed course.

Q: When are waitlists removed from classes?

A:  Waitlists are usually removed from classes on the Thursday before Phase II registration ends.

Q. I understand that students appear on waitlists in the order that they attempt to register.  Is that initial order ever changed?

 A. Yes. Students may be move up on waitlists for classes that they must take to satisfy an undergraduate thread requirement, an MS specialization core or elective class, or to prepare for the PhD qualifying exam.