Online CS 1301 Course Offering - FAQ

What’s the difference between the online section of CS 1301X and the traditional CS 1301?

Instead of attending one-hour lectures three times a week, students will be responsible for watching a set of short videos and doing programming exercises before class. Students will also utilize online discussion forums instead of asking questions in class. Finally, students will take four proctored exams online on their own timeframe instead of in a classroom.

What tools do I need in order to take the online section?

You’ll need access to a computer and a working camera attached to said computer for proctored exams.

Will I learn the same content in the online version as in the traditional CS 1301 course?

Yes! There will be subtle differences in delivery style between professors, but you’ll learn all the same content.

Will I have a TA?

Yes! There are TA’s and they’ll offer recitations that you can attend if you wish. The will also hold in-person office hours just like in the traditional CS 1301 course.

How many students will be in this section?

This section will be capped at 50 on-campus students for the Summer 2017 offering. If you are not on campus during the summer semester, you can take this as a SOUP version.

How do I find more information about the SOUP version?

Click here to find out more information.

Will I be required to taken an in-person final?

The final exam will be administered via an online proctoring tool. You can participate in the final from any computer with a camera.

Do I need to find a proctor or come take tests in person?

No, tests are digitally proctored as well and are open for a four-day window each. You may take it on your own at any time during those four day-windows.

This is an online class, but there is a scheduled meeting time. What is the meeting time for?

The meeting time is purely an optional recitation. It is perfectly fine if you never attend a recitation.

Does this teach the same required content as the normal version of CS 1301?

Yes! It covers all of the required content for CS 1301, although it does cover some topics in different orders. Our analysis shows that students learn just as much in the online version as the traditional version (although there may be non-content based benifts to one version or the other that we have not identified).

Who should I talk to if I have questions? Please feel free to ask us questions by contacting Daurette Joseph.