Georgia Tech-Lorraine for Undergraduates

The best of both worlds...a Georgia Tech campus in the heart of Europe

Established in Metz, France in 1990, Georgia Tech-Lorraine was our school's first international campus. Founded in the heart of the GrandEst region and less than 90 minutes from Paris, this global campus is situated in the crossroads of history.

Georgia Tech-Lorraine nurtures innovation and global thinking, and over 9,000 students from all around the world have passed through its doors. Undergraduate programs are available year-round and all courses are taught in English, primarily by Georgia Tech faculty. Students can conduct undergraduate research in the Fall and Spring semesters, or join a Create-X team with a gallic flair.

Interested in studying at GT-Lorraine?

Explore your options on the Georgia Tech-Lorraine website or contact: