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Getting it Right the First Time:
Predicted Performance Guarantees from the Analysis of Emergent Behavior in Autonomous and Semi-autonomous Systems

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The goal of this research is to provide a new and novel formal framework for the analysis of probabilistic and behavior-based robotic algorithms for both single and multirobot applications. The resulting methods and tools will provide a basis for establishing guarantees of performance of these algorithms in complex real-world environmental situations, which is crucial for the critical real-time real-world needs of C-WMD search, analysis, and recovery tasks. We cannot assume the luxury of a do-over; we must get it right the first time.

Specifically, the Mobile Robot Laboratory is focusing on:

  1. Scenario development for C-WMD application in conjunction with NIST testbed environment
  2. Experimental evaluation procedures and metric development for both simulation and robotic experimentation
  3. MissionLab development to accommodate new theoretical framework provided by Fordham

This research is funded by DTRA, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and is a collaboration between Georgia Tech's Mobile Robot Lab and Fordham University's Robotics and Computer Vision Lab.






  • Shu Jiang
  • Matthew O'brien
  • Lakshmi Velayudhan













  • Scenario: Biohazard Search

1.      Simulation

2.      Illustration with a Robot





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