3D Models from Laser Data - Download

Visualization Software laser3d

The images shown at Compact Map Building - 3D Models from Laser Data are generated with laser3d, a tool written in the context of this project. It uses OpenGL to visualize data from laser data files created by hserver/MissionLab. It is published here because it might be useful or interesting to other people, but it is not supported and most likely contains bugs.

Documentation (ps.gz, 25kB) (pdf, 86kB)
Linux binary (compiled on RedHat 7.1, 47kB)
Source code with documentation (tar.gz, 40kB)
Sample data file (hserver laser data format gzipped, 159kB)

Compact Encoding of Robot-Generated 3D Maps for Efficient Wireless Transmission

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6/27/2003, Michael Kaess (kaess@ieee.org)
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