From Wed Dec  4 14:26:56 1996
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 12:34:47 -0600
From: "R James Firby" <>
Subject: Robot Exhibition at Autonomous Agents '97
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Anyone thinking of entering a robot in the competition or exhibition at
AAAI'97 is welcome to also enter the exhibition at the Autonomous Agents
'97 conference in February.
I have included the call for demonstrations announcement below.  The
exhibition will take place at the reception if you want to try out your
robot waiters.  The deadline for proposals is December 18.
Jim Firby
                  Marina del Rey, February 5-8, 1997
              Call for Robotic Demonstration Proposals
Agents'97 invites participation in a robot exhibition to be held at the
conference to showcase physically embodied, autonomous agents.  These robot
demos will take place in an informal setting, over several hours, so
demonstrators will be able to show their robots to interested viewers for
an extended period of time.
Proposals for demonstations will be evaluated for appropriateness by an
informal panel on the basis of innovation, relevance, scientific
contribution, and potential logistic constraints.  Commercial product
demonstrations will be considered, but sales and marketing activities are
not appropriate.  (For more information about conference topics, please
visit or send email to
Proposals should consist of:
   (1) A cover letter indicating the primary author's name, affiliation,
address, phone number, and e-mail address.
   (2) A two-page summary of the technical content of the demo. This
summary will be handed out at the conference.
   (3) A detailed description of hardware and space requirements.  Please
state whether or not your robot must be separated from other robots and
describe any hardware that you would like the conference to supply.
Agents'97 may be able to provide some equipment, but demonstrators should
be prepared to supply everything on their own.
   (4) An informal videotape of the demo (in NTSC VHS format), or a
detailed description of what the robot will do and how it will interact
with spectators.
Demo proposals must be received by Jim Firby, Robotic Demonstrations Chair,
at the address below no later than Friday, December 18, 1996.  Plain text
email submissions will be considered, but well formatted summaries sent by
regular mail are encouraged.  Fax submissions will not be accepted.
Proposers will be notified of acceptance by January 10, 1997.
    R. James Firby / Agents'97
    Computer Science Department
    University of Chicago
    1100 East 58th Street
    Chicago, IL 60637
Note that there is a separate Agents'97 track for software agent
demonstrations.  For more information, please contact Charles Rich
( or visit the conference home page given above.