From Mon Jun  2 12:12:04 1997
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 11:44:40 -0400 (EDT)
From: (Ronald Arkin)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Information requested for the Competition invited talk
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Status: RO
This year, we have the opportunity to do some advertising for
the competition early on. Jim and I will be giving an invited talk
on Tuesday from 2-3 PM on, among other things, what people can
expect to see over the next several days of the competition.
In that talk, we'd like to include the various approaches that
people will be using during the competition and photos of
your robots.
We'd like to request from each team, for each event, that you
provide us with material for a single slide summarizing your
approach. I have the abstracts that many of you submitted, but
I'd prefer that each of you summarize your work, as you can
do it best. I'd also like one or more images to include on 
the slide. remember only *one* slide per entry per event.
It should include:
   approach: brief statement (bullets) of how you are solving the problem
   research content: what AI is being used and folks should be able to see
   architectural design
   robot photograph (in lieu of hardware description) but send Jim and me
      a description anyway in text.
   any other relevant things that the audience should look out for or 
    points that you are trying to make with your entry (intellectual points
     not scoring points :-).
If you can whip something up in Powerpoint that'd be ideal - but we'll
try and handle text submissions as well.
This is your chance to educate the audience as to what is really going on - 
please help us help you.
Send the info to both and
- Ron
Ronald C. Arkin
Professor and Director of the Mobile Robot Laboratory
College of Computing
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