From Tue Feb 11 15:48:24 1997
Subject: AAAI97 Robot Exhibition sign up
Precedence: bulk
Status: RO
As many of you already know, we are expanding this year's Robot
Exhibition at AAAI-97.  We're open to scheduled demos, continuous
demos, robot soccer, posters with or without a robot, and videos.
Even if you only want to send video, please register.  The web page
will contain a full list of participants with abstracts and web page
If you are planning to compete in one or more of the competition tasks
but would also like to show off other capabilities of your robot, this
is the place to register.
To sign up for the AAAI-97 Robot Exhibition, please visit the web
The main web page is
The entry form can be found at 
(If you are web deprived, send me e-mail and I'll forward a text
version of the sign up form.)