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Subject: Re: questions on rules 
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From: Reid Simmons <>
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> There seems to a contradiction in the rules.  Initially, it mentions that
> all squiggle balls will be the same color, but then later on says:
> |40 points for picking up subsequent squiggle balls a given type (may change
> |between trials).
You are correct, that is a contradiction.  We intended to have two different
colors of squiggle balls.  Early trials will use just one color; later trials
may have two colors of balls.  However, if it turns out that it is too hard
for teams to deal with just one color of ball, we may decide not to use the
second color.
> Also, we'd like to ask your interpretation on some other aspects of the 
> rules.  Here are our questions:
> ------------------------
> o Pen dimensions:
>   o It is important for us to know for sure that the lips will not be
>     more than X cm tall otherwise our manipulator might hit it.  We're
>     designing our manipulator to that spec.  Can we assume X <= 5 cm?
>   o Will the pens be nearly exactly 1m x 2m with 50cm openings, or is
>     this being kept vague?
>   o How tall are the walls of the pen?
These questions were addressed in the last message sent out.
> o Will all the squiggle balls be "alive?"  i.e. do we need to distinguish
>   them on the basis of "liveness" or will color suffice?
Assuming the mechanisms don't die, the squiggle balls will all be alive.
> o Define "collide."  Can we touch-sense rocks?
Yes, as long as it is clear that you are not "touching" too hard (I know that
is subjective, but that is the type of thing that we will know when we see it).
> o Colors
>    o What are the colors of the objects?
>    o What are the colors of the rocks?
>    o Can you tell us anything about the color of the "danger zones?"
>      Will they be the same color as the hazards/rocks?
I need to go to the hardware store and find paint.  When I do (in the next
week, or two) I'll post email about what colors each object will be, in terms
of the brand of paint.  Hopefully, that will suffice.  The "danger zone" will
*not* be the same color as the rocks.  It will be some distinctive color (the
rocks will be grey/black).
> o What can you tell us about the dimensions, weight, appearance and 
>   composition of the cubes? (colors, metal, plastic, cardboard, styrofoam?)
>   We need at least to know the maximum dimensions.
Don't know the the material yet.  The cubes will approximately circumscribe a
tennis ball.  That should give you the right dimensions.
> Thanks very much,
> -- Tucker
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