From Wed May 28 15:17:05 1997
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Subject: Robotic Tourguide Project    
Date: Wed, 28 May 97 14:45:49 EDT
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My apologies if I misuse this mailing list, but various researchers
have expressed interest in the following project:
>From May 29 to June 1, the mobile robot "RHINO" will give interactive
tours to visitors of the German Museum Bonn. For those who cannot make
it in person, we also provide a Web-based Interface at
You are invited to come and chase the robot around (and test its
robustness!) while getting a unique tour through the museum. Friday
9pm to 12am (German time) there will be a "special Internet night" ---
check it out!
Wolfram Burgard                                              |  _
Dieter Fox                                                   | _A_.
Dirk Haehnel                                                 A_## | /\_
Dirk Schulz                                                  U=## L/  \\
Walter Steiner                                                |## |
Sebastian Thrun                                               |____\
(from the University of Bonn and CMU)                          o  o
P.S.: The software grew out of the AAAI-94 competition, and is now
distributed through Real World Interface, freely and with their
B14/B21 robots.