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The Segway RMP is a new robotic platform provided by DARPA and used in conjunction with our ongoing MARS (Mobile Autonomous Robot Software) and MARS-2020 projects. Our goals are to interface the MissionLab system to the RMP, to understand the unique capabilities (and needs) of the platform, and to integrate it into our other DARPA research.

Specifically, we are interested in

  1. Using machine learning techniques on the RMP, at five different levels in our software architecture (developed under MARS),
  2. Using the RMP as a member of a team of air and ground robotic platforms in MARS-2020,
  3. Understanding the effects of terrain on the RMP, including loose footing and uneven surfaces,
  4. Developing sensor techniques that are effective for terrain characterization and work in spite of (or are helped by) the inherent oscillation of the RMP, and
  5. Encapsulating sensor algorithms as perceptual schemas to be used in conjunction with motor schemas in our architecture.


  • We are using MissionLab as the vehicle for our research. MissionLab takes high-level military-style plans and executes them with teams of real or simulated robotic vehicles. MissionLab supports execution of multiple robots both in simulation and actual robotics platforms.
  • The Mobile Robot Laboratory Swiki - You can find relevant up-to-date documents, web links, and other resources here.