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Three online demonstrations are available.  Currently, for security reasons, these only run within the domain.

To run a demo, please enter your display host (xserver) in the area below and select one of the three demo buttons below. For instance, if your host is, then enter Make sure that you give our host access to your X Window display using the xhost command (e.g., "xhost +").

Be patient after selecting a demo (don't click multiple times).  Once a demo has started, you can stop it by selecting "File" and "Quit."  You can also use the Pause/Resume toggle button and other menu items.

Display Host: 

Urban Robot Demo

In this demo, two robots are deployed from a Hummer in the woods. They cross a parking lot using a series of cars as cover, then hide at a car parking along the street waiting for operator's command. With commands from the operator, the robots cross the lanes on one side of the street, the median, and the other side, avoiding the patrolling cars and pedestrians. They then move toward the door at one end of the target building, with Robot1 stopping at the door and Robot2 passing down the hallway in the building, relaying the data it gathers to Robot1. Robot2 destroys itself after finishing its job, and Robot1 will then return to the Hummer.

READ THIS BEFORE YOU START:  You have to use the menu "Command -> Command Interface" and click the right arrow to start the robots from the beginning.

MaRC Demo

In this demo, two robots clear rooms on the third floor of MaRC (Manufacturing Research Center) building of Georgia Tech.

March on Atlanta

In this demo, two teams of robots move along the main streets of Atlanta city toward the State Capitol building.



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