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Indoor Biohazard Survey

This video depicts a successful run of our biohazard assessment mission at the TMR demo (Maryland, October 2000).

avi (326 meg)
low-res avi (63 meg)

Building Approach

In this video, a pioneer robot approaches a target building following a series of DGPS waypoints (Maryland, October 2000).

avi (280 meg)
low-res avi (52 meg)

Basic obstacle avoidance

We found it necessary to modify the positions of the Pioneer-AT ultrasonic sensors to improve performance.

avi (16 meg)
low-res avi (4 meg)

Video servoing

Another basic behavior that is essential for tasks like assessment and surveillance.   We use simple "color blob" detection as a placeholder for more complex vision algorithms currently under development elsewhere.

avi (65 meg)
low-res avi (17 meg)

Ft. Sam Houston Experiment Runs - July 1999

This includes indoor room assessment, outdoor navigation between waypoints using DGPS, and our first results with the new Urbie platform.

avi (53 meg)
mpeg (89 meg)

Ft. Sam Houston Demonstration - October 1999

This describes our contribution to the combined demonstration at Ft. Sam.

avi (130 meg)


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