Cognitive Science Faculty Interested in Creativity

Georgia Tech

Terry Chandler
(University of Oregon.) Science education, cognitive development, user interface design.
Eric Domeshek
(Yale University.) Representation, aiding systems, case-based reasoning, design.
Ashok Goel
(Ohio State University.) Problem solving and learning, design, mental models, analogical reasoning.
Mark Guzdial
(University of Michigan.) Educational computing.
Janet Kolodner
(Yale Univerity.)Case-based reasoning, learning, creativity, aiding decision making, design.
Nancy Nersessian
(Case Western Reserve University.) Philosophy of Science, conceptual change, creativity.
Ashwin Ram
(Yale University.) Machine learning, natural language understanding, explanation, multimedia learning environments, cognitive science.
Linda Wills
(MIT.) Design, engineering problem solving, program understanding, design recovery and reuse, knowledge representation, automated reasoning.

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