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The Micro Autonomous Systems and Technology (MAST) project is a multi-university long term project examining miniature multi-robot systems capable of sensing, navigation, communication, and cooperation.

Specifically, the Mobile Robot Laboratory is focusing on:

  1. Integrating the MissionLab specification system with USARSim and Gazebo simulation packages
  2. Implementing 3D behaviors and primitives such as 3D navigation, obstacle avoidance, etc.
  3. Architectural design



    • Kira, Z., Arkin, R.C., Collins, T., "A Design Process for Robot Capabilities and Missions Applied to Microautonomous Platforms", accepted to the SPIE Conference on Micro- and Nanotechnology Sensors, Systems, and Applications II.

    • Ulam, P., Kira, Z., Collins, T., Arkin, R.C., "Mission Specification and Control for Unmanned Aerial and Ground Vehicles for Indoor Target Discovery and Tracking", submitted to the SPIE Conferenceon Ground/Air Multi-Sensor Interoperability, Integration, and Networking for Persistent ISR.



  • Video: BAE Vision [Youtube link]

  • Poster: Processing for Autonomous Operation [PDF]

  • Poster: MAST/Mobile Robot Lab summary [PDF]

  • Video: Demonstration of MissionLab integration with USARSim in a multi-robot scenario [AVI] (~7MB)

  • Video: A micro-aerial vehicle demonstrating MissionLab integration with USARSim [AVI] (~17MB)

  • Video: MAST: Architectures and Foundations. A demonstration of micro-aerial vehicles in MissionLab and its integration with two simulators: Gazebo and USARSim [AVI] (~53MB)

  • Video: Simulation of demonstration to be performed on hardware[AVI] (~9MB)

  • Video: Hardware demoonstration of a multi-robot target discovery and tracking mission [AVI] (~70MB)


  • The Mobile Robot Laboratory Swiki - You can find relevant up-to-date documents, web links, and other resources here.