Mobile Robot Laboratory Research Projects

Integration with High-Level Reasoning

Project Director

Dr. Ashok Goel.


Multi-Strategy Systems


Router is an integrated planning and learning system for autonomous mobile robots. It integrates case-based and model-based reasoning for planning navigation paths in geographical spaces. In the model-based mode, the system plans paths by heuristically searching a hierarchical model of the navigation space; and in the case-based mode, it plans new paths by adapting and combining previously planned paths. It uses a form of meta-reasoning for selecting a specific method at run-time. It also chunks the new plans into cases for potential reuse.


RAURA is an instantiation of ROUTER in the AuRA architecture (AuRA is a hybrid architecture for autonomous mobile robots capable of both deliberative planning and reactive control developed by the Robotics group).


REFLECS is a reflective system capable of learning strategies for reactive control by diagnosing and repairing failed reactive strategies.



AUTOGNOSTIC is a computational model of model-based self-redesign. The AUTOGNOSTIC project explores the issues of functional and strategic self-redesign in AI systems. The key idea is that AI systems, such as ROUTER, can be viewed as abstract devices and failure-driven learning can be viewed as device redesign problem solving. A meta-model of how the problem solving in the AI system works can enable the system to reflect on its experiences, especially its failures, and to redesign the problem solver.

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