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unofficial Xanth page:Feb-10-95(v3.1)
Donna Barr's Stinz
Donna Barr's Stinz in "Bob War."
ANU Art History (including two centaur images)

General Science-Fiction and Fantasy Links

The Lysator Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive
Other Science Fiction and Fantasy Links
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Anthropomorphic Links

Furry List:Fanzines, Etc. A-L
[] Incomplete Listing of Zoomorphic Publications
Horse Country

Mythology and Other Literature

Texts in Perseus For Downloading
Some Major Mythology Related Works

Other Centaur-Related Art

ANU Art History Top Level Menu Page
Art Cellar Exchange Classified Ads
unci's list of active artists
Art Gates

Centaur-Related People

Anthony G. Francis, Jr.
Kitiara's Palace
Donna Barr
Elf Sternberg

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