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The Nicole Project is about the science of building artificial people. The metaphor for this project is the design and creation of a human-level artificial intelligence, Nicole, but the actual goal of this project is slightly more subtle: to specify a theory of agency which will be sufficient to allow us to build an intelligent agent.

The Nicole Project, therefore, has several missions:

  1. Specify the characteristics of the real world;
  2. Specify desired properties for agents operating in the world;
  3. Specify a theory of how an agent could be built to meet those properties;
  4. Develop tools and systems to test that theory;
  5. Combine and apply those tools to develop a series of useful, intelligent agents.
The Nicole Project is currently a collection of systems and theories being developed by the faculty and students associated with Dr. Ashwin Ram's IGOR Group and with Anthony G. Francis, Jr.'s thesis project.

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