Anushk Mittal, helping people around the world get a good night’s sleep

Anushk Mittal is a true example of someone who is living and breathing technical advancements. At the young age of six, search engines like Google became Mittal’s one-stop destination to learn HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and much more. By the age of 10, he was pursuing his passion by coding and designing websites for his school and community.

“A clatter of old circuit boards, spare electric wires and a hodgepodge of broken appliances were my toys and the garage my concourse,” Mittal remembers. “I spent hours fiddling with these gems, like a true tech geek of the 21st century.”

Mittal, BS CS ’20, will soon make the more than 5,000-mile journey from his home in New Delhi, India,  to attend Georgia Tech. Mittal chose Georgia Tech because he believes it’s where “research achieves its real apex and all-around development finely interlaces with quality learning,” and he’s looking forward to joining like-minded students from around the world who are also working toward the betterment of mankind.

“Georgia Tech has always been my dream school and I am eager to join the Tech community in Fall 2016,” Mittal said. “I look forward to Georgia Tech’s plethora of resources, such as the Threads Curriculum that makes my degree ‘me.’ I know this can help me to reach new heights and work on my mission and projects.”

Mittal decided to major in computer science because, even at a young age, he wondered how a computer works and what is on the inside of a phone. Mittal’s parents, always supportive, encouraged him to be self-motivated and to build his first website, first software, and his very first app.

“Imagination,” Mittal said, “is best captured when you are let free through your thoughts.”

Mittal’s self-motivation has grown stronger over the years and inspired him to built SleepIsle, a universal application for iOS, watchOS, and tvOS platforms. Mittal designed SleepIsle in hopes of helping individuals to sleep better. The app recently released support for CareKit, a platform that enables people to actively manage their sleep efficiency.

 “I am excited to showcase a really creative way of using CareKit and ResearchKit outside the hospital genre to enable more individuals to be in charge of their sleep irrespective of their physical locations,” Mittal said.

Mittal’s motivation has also helped him to achieve a lifelong dream. Using SleepIsle as his entry, Mittal earned a highly coveted invitation to attend Apple Inc.’s World Wide Developer Conference, held June 13 in San Francisco.

The application process was lengthy and difficult. Along with submitting an app that demonstrates creative use of Apple technologies and runs on an Apple platform, this year students were required to submit essays with their applications.

Despite the challenge, earning a WWDC Scholarship made it all worthwhile for Mittal. He can’t wait to attend the WWDC event and to meet fellow student developers and other like-minded people.

“It will be fun to see the new Apple technologies unveiled and learn about implementing them from Apple engineers,” Mittal said. “I would love to take those new technologies back to Georgia Tech to see what may be possible!”