BIRTE 2006 Workshop Program

9:00-9:05   Workshop Opening
                        Umeshwar Dayal, HP Labs

9:05-9:50    Keynote
                        Donovan Schneider, Yahoo Inc.

9:50-10:30   Session 1: Streaming Data

                        - What can Hierarchies do for Data Streams?
                        Xuepeng Yin, Torben Pedersen

                        - Leveraging Distributed Publish/Subscribe Systems for Scalable
                        Stream Query Processing
                        Yongluan Zhou, Kian-Lee Tan, Feng Yu

11:00-12:30   Session 2: OLAP and Data Warehousing Architectures

                        - Transaction Reordering for Continuous Data Loading
                        Gang Luo, Jeffrey Naughton, Curt Ellmann, Michael Watzke

                        - A Scalable Heterogeneous Solution for Massive Data Collection                         and Database Loading
                        Uri Shani, Aviad Sela, Inna Skarbovsky, David Berk, Alex Akilov

                        - Two-Phase Data Warehouse Optimized for Data Mining
                        Balázs Rácz, Csaba István Sidló, András Lukács, András A Benczúr

                        - Discussion
                        Moderator TBA

14:00-15:30  Session 3 : Integration & Data Acquisition

                        - Document-Centric OLAP in the Schema-Chaos World
                        Yannis Sismanis, Berthold Reinwald, Hamid Pirahesh

                        - Callisto: Mergers without Pain
                        Huong Morris, Hui Liao, Wolfgang Mathurin, Sriram
                        Padmanabhan, Sriram Srinivasan, Eugene Kawamoto, Phay Lau,                             Jing Shan, Ryan Wisnesky

                        - Real-time Acquisition of Buyer Behaviour Data – The Smart
                        Shop Floor Scenario
                        Bo Yuan, Maria Orlowska, Shazia Sadiq

                        - Discussion
                        Moderator: Sham Navathe

16:00-17:00   Session 4: Business Processes and Contracts

                        - Business Process Learning for Real Time Enterprises
                        Rodion Podorozhny, Ngu Anne, Dimitrios Georgakopoulos

                        - An Integrated Approach to Process-Driven Business
                        Performance Monitoring and Analysis for Real-Time Enterprises
                        Jonghun Park, Cheolkyu Jee, Seung-Kyun Han, Wan Lee, Duksoon                         Im, Noyoon Kim

                        - Quality Contracts for Real Time Enterprises
                        Alexandros Labrinidis, Huiming Qu, Jie Xu

17:05-18:00   Roundtable: How Real can Real-Time Business                                              Intelligence Be?

                           Moderator: Malu Castellanos
                           Participants: Michael Franklin, Krithi Ramamritham,
                           Stuart Madnick, Wolfgang Lehner, Garofalakis Minos, QiMing                                  Chen