CS 7465:
Educational Technology:
Design and Evaluation

Time:MW 3-4:30
Location:CCB 102
Instructor: Amy Bruckman
Office:CoC 255
(Email is best way to reach me.)
Office Hours:Tuesdays 1-2 pm
Teaching Assistant: Jim Hudson




In this class, you immediately begin applying your knowledge of the theory of educational technology to design a piece of software. Consequently, you must already know something about it! To take this class, you must have completed CS 6460: "Educational Technology: Conceptual Foundations" (or its quarter equivalent, CS 6397.) If you have equivalent experience from classes in another department or at another institution, speak to the instructor to request permission to enroll. No one without a solid theoretical background in this research area may take this class.

Focus of the Course

The course has two parts, each with a set of questions that we will be addressing:


Objectives of this course are for students to be able to:

Suggested assignment lengths are approximate. Some people will do a good job in less and some will require many more pages. Please don't play games with the margins or fonts to try to make it come out a certain length--no one is counting. Don't worry about the page count--just make sure that you've completed the assignment well. Please remember to double space papers so I can write comments.

You will be graded primarily on the thoughtfulness of your design and evaluation process, as documented in your papers and presentations--the emphasis is not on the quality of your software. If you are working in a group, each team member must submit separate midterm and final papers. For other assignments, one per team is sufficient. Each team member must also participate in giving the in-class presentations.

Computing Resources

If you registered for the class and you already have a CoC account, you have been given access to College of Computing machine clusters (if you didn't have access already). If you register late, you should be added later automatically. If not, mail help@cc asking to be given access.

If you need a CoC account, you can get a request form in front of CoC 213. Complete the form and return it there.

CoC computing asks that:

Course Outline

All readings are subject to change.

Late Policy

Each student may have a total of three late days over the course of the semester. Once you've used those up, late work will be penalized. I always make an effort to return papers promptly; however, late papers may be returned substantially later.

Your presentations may not be late. Your final papers may not be late.

Hints for Successful Projects

Questions welcome--email asb@cc.gatech.edu