A Note About Bonus Credit for A4

Assignment 4 will involve the use of motion capture data of someone juggling 3 balls.

One of the optional parts (for 1 point of extra credit) will be to use motion capture data of yourself juggling 3 objects. You do not actually need to be able to juggle, you just have to move your hands as if you are juggling (ie. in alternating circles) while you are being captured.

If you are thinking of getting motion-captured, here is a FAQ for mocap subjects.

To do this, you must get yourself motion captured BEFORE A4 IS HANDED OUT. There is a time delay between when you get captured and when the folks in the mocap lab will have your data ready. Do not assume you can get this done in a week or so; it may take 2 or 3 weeks for them to get you your data.

Once you have your data, you will have to annotate it the same way as we will annotate the sample files we give out with the assignment.

If you are interested, contact Steve Park (spark@cc.gatech.edu) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to schedule a time to be captured. You need to plan on being in their lab for an hour or so, as they will want to capture you doing a variety of activities (walking, sitting, etc.) in addition to juggling (they are willing to do this for us because they want to build a database of lots of people doing a set of actions, for their research.)