Spring 2011 CS1301 Calendar


Week 1: January 14th - 21st- Introduction, Background, and Graphics

Day Readings/Assignments Resources
Friday, Jan 14th
Wednesday, January 19th
Workshop - Wednesday January 19th
Friday, January 21st

Week 2: January 24th-28th - Numbering Systems, Functions & Expressions

Day Readings/Assignments Resources
Monday Jan 24th
Wednesday Jan 26th
Friday January 28th

Week 3: January 31st - February 4th - Control Flow

Day Readings/Assignments Resources
Monday, January 31st
Wednesday Feb 2nd
Friday Feb 4th

Week 4: February 7th - 11th - Iteration & Exam Review

Day Readings/Assignments Resources
Monday, Feb 7th
  • Read Section 11.7 (Exceptions) from ThinkCSpy
Wednesday, Feb 9th
  • Read everything in the Readings column above today again!
Friday, Feb 11th
  • EXAM 1 Review
  • HW 3 due before 6pm

Week 5: February 14th-18th - Exam, Strings, Lists

Day Readings/Assignments Resources
Monday Feb 14th
  • EXAM 1
Wednesday, Feb 16th
Friday Feb 18th

Week 6: February 21st-25th - Compound Data Types - Lists, Tuples, Robot Sensors

Day Readings/Assignments Resources
Monday Feb 21st
  • Chapter 11.1 - 11.3 (3 sections about Tuples) from the Recursion and Exceptions chapter of ThinkCSpy
Wednesday Feb 23rd
  • Robot Connections!
Friday Feb 25th

Week 7: February 28th-March 4th - File Input/Output (FileIO) & Dictionaries

Day Readings/Assignments Resources
Monday Feb 28th
Wednesday March 2nd
  • HW 4 due before 6pm
  • Read Sections 1 & 2 (Namespaces, and Namespaces in Python), of this Webpage
Friday, March 4th
  • Lab 3 - Webpage Due before 6pm!
  • Read about the Pickle Module
  • Last day to drop individual courses with a grade of "W" and change grade mode for courses, for the Spring Semester.

Week 8: March 7th-11th - Images & Computer Vision

Day Readings/Assignments Resources
Monday March 7th
Wednesday, March 9th
  • Exam Review
Thursday March 10th TA Led Review: 6pm, College of Computing Room 17
Friday, March 11th
  • EXAM 2

Week 9: March 14th-18th - Review, Exam & Starmaps

Day Readings/Assignments Resources
Monday, March 14th
  • Chapter 9: Image Processing & Perception from LCWR.
Wednesday, March 16th
Friday, March 18th

Spring Break: March 21st - 25th

Week 10: March 28th-April 1st - Barcodes & Other Uses of Dictionaries

Day Readings/Assignments Resources
Monday March 28th
Wednesday, March 30th
  • Workshop: Battleships
Friday, April 1st

Week 11: April 4th-8th - Searching & Sorting

Day Readings/Assignments Resources
Monday, April 4th
Wednesday, April 6th
Friday, April 8th

Week 12: April 11th-15th - Functional Programming & Recursion (again!)

Day Readings/Assignments Resources
Monday, April 11th
  • Class Video: BigO practice problems, Special FX Questions, Intro to Functional Programming [Download .MOV] [webcast]
Wednesday, April 13th
  • HW 7 (Special FX) due before 6pm.
Friday, April 15th

Week 13: April 18th-22nd - Tag Cloud Example, Review, Exam 3

Day Readings/Assignments Resources
Monday, April 18th
Wednesday, April 20th
  • Exam Review
  • HW8 - Movies due before 6pm
Workshop Example Movies from previous classes:
Thursday April 21st TA Led Exam Review: CCB Room 17 (downstairs) starting at 6pm
Friday, April 22nd
  • EXAM 3

Week 14: April 25th-29th - Review

Day Readings/Assignments Resources
Monday, April 25th
Wednesday, April 27th
Friday, April 29th
  • HW9 Due - My Program

Extra Material: n-grams, Object Oriented Programming

Day Readings/Assignments Resources

- Extra Material: Javascript, Review

Day Readings/Assignments Resources
Tuesday Recitation

TA led Review Session [Download .MOV] [webcast]

TA Led Final Exam Review: Sunday May 1st, Starting at 1pm, College of Computing Building Room 17, downstairs.

Final Exam: Period 8 - (Wednesday) May 4th 11:30am-2:20pm - D.M. Smith 105