Rube Goldberg Machine

A project by Gaurav Mathur, Andrew Nemchik, Abhishek Shroff, and Russell Strauss.

The machine's theme: city space.

      Rube Goldberg Machine - a complex mechanical device to achieve a simple task (or tasks).
The follow machine was designed and built from scratch in February, 2011 in Dr. Jay Summet's Computer Science class, The Art of Prototyping Intelligent Appliances at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Steps of the machine:
Step 1: A plank is removed from under ball 1, and the machine is off!
Step 2: Ball 1 is harnessed with a string that pulls out a plank from under ball 2, allowing it to fall.
Step 3: Ball 2 falls vertically downwards, and trigers balls 3 & 4 on impact.
Step 4: Ball 3 goes down a slope and trigers a mouse trap, while ball 4 goes down a smaller slope and waits.
Step 5: The mouse trap triggered by ball 3 completes a circuit that drives two fans on either side of an aluminum foil, both working to move it in one direction.
Step 6: The aluminum foil closes a circuit left incomplete by two metal prongs that drives a CD drive motor.
Step 7: The motor pulls on a string that releases another mouse trap.
Step 8: The mouse trap hits ball 4 causing it to fall down, and at the same time completes a circuit that drives an PC power supply fan.
Step 9: Ball 4 falls down onto a mouse trap.
Step 10: Our flag is tied to the mouse trap so that when the ball falls on it, our flag is raised!


Or view the video on YouTube.