CS6452: Takehome Writing Assignment

Please email your paper back to me by the end of the day Friday. This is an individual assignment, so please do not consult others in the class.

1. The Blumenthal and Clark paper examines ways that the current Internet architecture fails to support the needs of users. Some of the examples they give ("users communicate but desire anonymity" and "one party forces interaction on another") could clearly be present in the IM system you built. Discuss how you might change the architecture or protocol of the IM system to address these weaknesses at the application layer. [1 page max]

2. Pick any one of the papers we've read so far in class. Discuss how the themes in that paper have influenced your current research or work, or your anticipated research or work. Try to give specific examples of how your thinking was affected by the paper, "lessons learned," etc. [1 page max]