• Due: Thursday Apr 11 11:55pm
  • Download description: PDF
  • Template
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Please submit the following in the format of an HTML file (zipped). It is recommended that you use the template provided for the final project, but note that the template contains additional sections that is not asked for in this project check‐in (so you can ignore them). Whether you use the template or not, make sure to have the following sections below. Note that you do not need to have preliminary results at this point, but if you have them and they are/are not promising feel free to discuss them.

For the sections that overlap with the initial project description you sent, feel free to copy/paste it but update anything that has changed since then!

Introduction / Background / Motivation

What are you trying to do? What problem are you trying to solve? Articulate your objectives using limited jargon.

How is it done today, and what are the limits of current practice?


What do you plan to do exactly? How will you solve the problem? Why do you think it will be successful? Is anything new in your approach?

Experimental Plan

How do you plan to measure success? What datasets are you using and what experiments will you carry out?

Current Status

Describe the list of tasks involved in your project per team member, and note what has already been accomplished and what is left to do.


Describe any problems you are encountering or anticipate encountering. Let us know if you are stuck or need any assistance/guidance that would help in making progress.