April Fools! (#64597)
by jaime (#35330)
[Last edited on Wednesday, February 7, 1996 at 8:54 am]

We used to have a lot of fun on April Fools Day, but now the wizards are afraid of being disputed, and wizardly pranks are minimal.

On April 1st each year, the LambdaMOO Wizards may freely make any temporary changes they like to the database and server for the amusement of the populace. These changes must be reversible, and will be undone on April 2nd. The changes also must not compromise the privacy of any individual in any way.

April 1st is defined as including all of the day in all of the world's timezones.

If in any wizard's judgement the political process has been effected by the April 1st activities, all political time tables will be extended just as if the day had been downtime.

The wizards may not be disputed for actions taken on April 1st, except if those actions compromise an individual's privacy, or if they prove not to be reversible. Actions which single-out individuals are strongly discouraged, but not explicitly prohibited.

(You finish reading petition #64597, *B:AprilFools!)

** Type `impl *B:AprilFools!' to see the wizards' implementation notes for this proposal.