Assignment One:
Best and Worst Experiences Online

CS 8113H: The Design of Virtual Communities
Professor Amy Bruckman
Spring 1998
Format:Double spaced
Approximate Length:Two essays of one to three pages each
Percentage of Grade:10%

What was your best experience in an online environment? Did you develop a new understanding of an issue? Meet a new friend or professional contact? Have a profound revelation or maybe a really good laugh? What qualities of the online environment helped to make the experience a success?

What was your worst experience? Did a formerly useful online environment deteriorate into something unpleasant? Did you get spammed or insulted? Did something embarassing or creepy happen? What precipitated the incident? How did what happened differ from your expectations? What qualities of the online environment made the situation worse, or failed to make it better?

Describe your best and worst experiences online. Any communication between yourself and others over a networked computer system is a reasonable subject--it could be a mailing list, a newsgroup, a MUD, CUSeeMe, etc. You may either write two separate essays of one to three pages each, or one essay of two to six pages comparing and contrasting the experiences.