Closeup on Interactive Computing Research

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Got your remote control handy? Lately the College of Computing has been burning up the hot lights on both TV and the Web. During Fall 2010, a host of researchers from the School of Interactive Computing were featured on CNN, Discovery Channel and in a special National Science Foundation webcast. Check out our stars of the flat-screen below.

Closeup on Interactive Computing Research

NSF Webcast

NSF Webcast"Computing Made Cool: CS Ed Week 2010"

As part of CS Education Week 2010, the National Science Foundation featured GLITCH Game Testers as an example of how to both instruct and engage young people in computing. Associate Professor Amy Bruckman, Ph.D. candidate Betsy DiSalvo and GLITCH graduate James Bowland-Gleason appear in an NSF-sponsored webcast to talk about the program.

Dean of Invention

The Wired Brain

Associate Professor Melody Moore Jackson appears on an episode of “Dean of Invention,” on Discovery Channel’s new Planet Green network. Jackson talks about the neurally controlled “Aware Chair,” one of the projects in her School of IC BrainLab.



Super Accurate Games

Super Accurate Video Games

Assistant Professor Karen Liu explains how her research could change the way video gamers interact with their characters. Activate 3D allows players to use just only body movements to have total control over a character.

AR Games

Augmented Reality Video Games

Associate Professor Blair MacIntyre returns to the CNN studios with Ph.D. student Maribeth Gandy to demonstrate augmented reality games on a mobile phone and explain how the applications could go far beyond gaming.

Open Study

Study with Others Around the World

Associate Professor Ashwin Ram's talks about "the of online learning," OpenStudy, which matches students up all over the world who are studying the same topic, allowing them to both ask and answer questions as if they simply were in a very large study group.


Track Your Diet, Exercise on Web

Ph.D. student Yevgeniy Medynskiy introduces Salud!, an online application that can not only track calories, but also other things such as protein intake or exercise performed.


Augmented Reality Web Browser

Associate Professor Blair MacIntyre talks about how he is bringing online data to the world around us by using Argon, a web browser that incorporates augmented reality.

Meal Swap

Usable, the Website for Tracking Healthy Menus

Research scientist Jiten Chhabra returns to demonstrate, which recommends healthier eating choices to users over the Web.

Useable Kiosk

Changing the Way You Look at Menus

Professor Beth Mynatt and research scientist Jiten Chhabra demonstrate the Usable Health kiosk, being tested at an Atlanta eatery in Technology Square.

Music Touch

Glove Helps You Play Piano Like a Pro

Associate Professor Thad Starner demonstrates his computerized glove that teaches wearers simple piano licks by delivering electrical impulses to the appropriate fingers to indicate which notes to play.