College Releases Annual Reports

Editor's Note: The College of Computing released its 2014-15 Annual Report to thousands of friends and alumni nationwide this week, in which Dean Zvi Galil shares these thoughts below about our collective achievements and upward trajectory.

This has been a celebratory year at the Georgia Tech College of Computing. In fact, it’s been both a year of celebration—as we mark the 25th anniversary of our College and the 50th anniversary of computing at Georgia Tech—and a year to celebrate some major accomplishments.

GT Computing is now a community some 16,000 strong and growing fast, with nearly 10,000 alumni scattered around the globe and another 5,000+ students who soon will be alumni themselves. We are leading: in research, in education, and in service to our Institute.

First, in our newest College review, we take you through a whirlwind tour of the GT Computing enterprise, including our research strengths and accomplishments, our outreach and impact, and our exploding student enrollments at multiple levels, among other great news. I hope you enjoy the report’s images and information.

Next, it’s been such a terrific year for our online M.S. in computer science (OMS CS, for short) that we felt it deserved a report of its own. In less than two years, OMS CS has gone from zero students to more than 2,800, and it’s picked up some noteworthy fans along the way (one of them lives in Washington, D.C., in a large white house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.). We at Georgia Tech are extremely proud of what we’ve built in OMS CS. As a friend of the College, I hope you are, too.

I don’t want to repeat too much of what you’ll find, so let me close by saying I hope you enjoy learning about the latest from GT Computing... These are good times to be a member of the College of Computing community, and we welcome each and every one of you.

Best regards,

Zvi Galil
John P. Imlay Jr. Dean of Computing

All data reflects fiscal year 2015 (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015).