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Charles Eastman

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Charles Eastman is Professor in the Colleges of Architecture and Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. Mr. Eastman's teaching and research is in the areas of computer-aided design, solids modeling and engineering databases, and design theory, with over seventy published papers in theses areas. Prof. Eastman has been the lead designer of five CAD systems, two of which became commercial products. He has consulted for many industry groups, both in construction and in CAD, aerospace and manufacturing. Previously, he was Director of the CAD-Graphics Lab at Carnegie-Mellon University and Director of the Center for Design and Computation at UCLA. He currently holds editorial positions on four journals: Research in Engineering Design, Automation in Construction, Computer-Aided Design, and the electronic journal Information Technology in Construction.


    Selected Recent Publications:

      Eastman, C.M., D. S. Parker, T.S. Jeng, "Managing the Integrity of Design Data Generated by Multiple Applications: The Theory and Practice of Patching, Research in Engineering Design, (9:1997) pp. 125-145.

       Eastman, C.M., T.S. Jeng, A. Roy Chowdbury, K. Jacobsen, Integration of Design Applications with Building Models, CAADfutures97 Conf., Munich, (August, 1997).

      Eastman, C.M, Managing Integrity in Design Information Flows, Computer Aided Design, (May, 1996), 28:6/7, pp.551-565.

      Khedro T., C. Eastman, R. Junge, and T. Liebich, Translation Methods for Integrated Building Engineering, ASCE Conference on Computing, Anaheim, CA, June, 1996.

      Eastman, C.,  M.S. Cho, T.S. Jeng and H.H. Assal, A Data Model and Database Supporting Integrity Management Across Heterogeneous Applications, 2nd. International Congr. of Civil Engineering,
      ASCE, Atlanta GA, June, 1995.

      C. Eastman, H. Assal, and T. Jeng  Structure Of A Product Database Supporting Model Evolution, 1995
      CIB W-78 Symposium, Stanford, Calif.

      Jeng, T.S. and C. Eastman, Process Management in a Data Integrated Design Environment,  1995 CIB
      W-78 Symposium, Stanford, Calif.

      R. Stouffs, R. Krishnamurty,and C. Eastman  A Formal Structure for Nonequivalent Solid Representations
      IFIP Knowledge Intensive CAD Workshop,  Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, September, (1996).

      Eastman, and A. Siabiris, (1995), "A generic building product model incorporating building type information", Automation in Construction, 3:1, pp. 9283-304.

      Dasu, Sriram and Eastman, C.M. eds., (1994), Management of Design: Management and
      Engineering Perspectives, Kluver Press, N.Y.; including chapter "Management of Design Information

      Eastman, C.M. and N. Fereshetian, (1994), "Information Models for Use in Product Design: a Comparison", Computer Aided Design, 26:7 (July), pp. 551-572.

      Eastman, C. (1994),"A Data Model for Design Knowledge, in Knowledge-Based Computer-Aided Architectural Design, G. Carrera and Y. Kalay (eds.), Elsevier Press pp. 95-122.

      Eastman, C. (1993), "Life Cycle Requirements for Building Product Models", in Management of
      Information Technoloy for Construction, K. Mathur, M. Betts and K. Tham (eds.), World Scientific Publications pp. 369-391; Proc. Int, Conference on the Management f Information Technology in
      Construction, Singapore, 1993.

      Eastman, C.M. (1993) Conceptual Modeling in Design", in Fundamental Development in Computer- Aided Geometric Modeling, L. Piegl (ed.), Academic Press, 185-202.

      Eastman, C. S. Chase, and H. Assal, (1993), "System Architecture for Computer Integration of Design
      and Construction Knowledge", Automation in Construction, 2:2, pp. 95-107..

      Eastman, C. M., A. Bond and S. Chase [1991] "A Data Model for Engineering Design Databases",
      1st International Conf. on A.I. in Design, Edinburgh, Scotland, June 1991.

      Eastman, C. M., A. Bond and S. Chase [1991] "A Formal Approach to Product Model Information",
      Research in Engineering Design, 2:2 (January), pp.65-80.

      Eastman, C. M.,[1991] "The contribution of data modeling to the future development of CAD/CAM
      databases", ASME Conf. on Computers in Engineering, Santa Clara, CA, August 1991.

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